- Onsite Service/Repair
- Remote Computer Support
- Hardware/Software Upgrades
- Emergency Disaster Recovery
- New Computer Setups
- Used Electronics Disposal
- Virus/Malware Removal
- Data Retrieval
- Printer installation/Repair
- Wireless Security
Don't pay for "you should have this" get what you need!
Providing the highest quality of service right to your doorsteps

Providing the highest quality of service right to your doorsteps

Viruses are secretly downloaded onto your PC and can cause havoc at any time! Another danger is Spyware which is downloaded to your PC without your knowledge and reports on your on-line behavior. Some of this gathers information for marketing companies but can also transmit your credit card details and even know your secret passwords! Don't suffer any longer or spread them to other computers.

You may also be constantly bombarded by those irritating pop-up windows which seem to follow you everywhere, known as Adware pop-ups. We can get rid of these too. We will then ensure you are safe to go online again with full protection for your PC.

Do you require our virus or spyware removal service?
We can remove the viruses and clean up your act!

We carry out software-related desktop and laptop computer repairs and are also able to set up wireless networks for PC. We are also able upgrade memory if your PC is running slow.
We carry-out onsite home and mobile desktop and laptop computer repairs. Your computer may be running slower than usual, you may have a problem with your email or internet, you may even want to upgrade your computer and require our advice.

Computer Repairs
Our mission is to make your computer happy again.

Our service includes setting up your user accounts, email software and any devices such as printers that you have purchased with your computer.
We are able to transfer across files from your old computer, setup your email, iTunes or anything else you need to get up and running. We will ensure your new PC has full anti-virus protection and secure online backup too.
We will then provide you with a brief demo of how to get started - we're always on hand to help you. You can also discuss additional training with us, if required.

Do you require assistance with setting up your new computer?

Do you get nervous when faced with buying a new computer or laptop? Don’t want to get it wrong? Would you like the advice and support of an independent expert when you are browsing at the PC store?
We don’t sell computers, but we repair them all the time. This makes us the perfect partner for you on your next shopping expedition, as we know what to recommend, what to avoid and can help you ask the right questions to ensure you get the product which is right for your needs. Or we can even ask them for you if you wish!

Require assistance with choosing your new desktop or laptop computer?

- One-to-one or group tutorials on a range of topics, tailored to suit your needs!
- Learn in the comfort of your own home with Microsoft Qualified experts!
- No jargon, learn at your own pace on your own PC!
- Simple, hourly rate - why not share with your friends?

Example topics:

- Personalise your desktop computer
- Working with Files and Folders
- Explore the internet
- Internet Telephony, Skype, MSN
- Using Email
- Keeping safe on the internet
- Basic spreadsheet and word processing
- User accounts and parental controls
These are just examples - we can tailor to suit your needs!

Learn from the experts & do more with your computer!

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90-minute in-home visit with Tech Support membership. ($45 per/hr non-member)

Virus removal is not available on tablets or iPads.

Knowing your computers in great hands
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Smartphones & Tablets

Email, Sync and Wi-Fi setup